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News Flash: Everspin Samples World’s First STT-MRAM Chips

On Nov. 12, Everspin Corp. announced that they have begun giving some customers 64Mbit MRAM chips based on the Spin Transfer Torque (STT) switching technology (STT-MRAM).  This technology is being actively worked on by quite a few companies.  It uses magnetic tunnel junctions, like current Toggle MRAM and magnetic recording read heads, but the reversals of the magnetic free layer (corresponding to 0’s and 1’s depending on the two possible directions) is accomplished by the spin of the electrons rather than by an external magnetic field.  This reduces the amount of current required to switch between 0’s and 1’s and should lead to devices that actually work better the smaller they are.

Everspin has had a technology called Toggle MRAM in production for some years, and now is the first company to begin sampling the new STT-MRAM technology.

More details can be found at The Memory Guy blog ( ) and at Everspin’s website on  and in a technical brief ( ) and presentation ( ).

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